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Cultural Studies Spring 2017


300-Level Courses in CULT

CULT 320: Globalization and Culture (3 Credits)

Examines cultures in globalization, with special attention to the role of technologies and new media. Provides historical and contemporary contexts for understanding the relationships among circuits of production and consumption; population flows; social inequalities and collective identities; globalizations from "above" and "below;" built and natural environments.

CULT 390: Topics in Cultural Studies (1-3 Credits)

Topics of current interest in interdisciplinary cultural studies, covering such fields as media, popular culture, political economy, social identities, or regions in globalization.


800-Level Courses in CULT

CULT 802: Histories of Cultural Studies (3 Credits)

Historical survey of principal works and theories in the development of cultural studies.

CULT 804: Histories of Cultural Studies II (3 Credits)

Continues the historical survey of cultural studies up to the present and assesses possibilities for future development.

CULT 806: Research Seminar in Cultural Studies (3 Credits)

Introduces research methods in cultural studies.

CULT 808: Student/Faculty Colloquium in Cultural Studies (1 Credits)

Forum for presentation of original and current research in cultural studies.

CULT 810: Culture and Political Economy (3 Credits)

Surveys social science and humanities classics that relate cultural production and consumption to underlying political economic conditions. Includes Marx, Lukacs, Frankfurt School, semiotic neo-Marxism, productivist theories of power indebted to Foucault, Baudrillard, Bourdieu, Harvey, Jameson, Mauss, Mill, Polanyi, Sahlins, A. Smith, and Weber.

CULT 812: Visual Culture (3 Credits)

Examines theories, production, consumption, and reception of visual culture. Covers film, video, visual arts, music, display, ritual, performance, performativity, and theories of the aesthetic. Includes key readings from theorists such as Adorno, Artaud, Benjamin, Brecht, Bryson, Doane, Fiske, Heath, Marcuse, Merleau-Ponty, and Sartre.

CULT 814: Gender and Sexuality (3 Credits)

Investigates notion of gender functions in maintaining and analyzing issues of social and cultural power. Examines conflicting notions of sexuality and their role in cultural signification. Seeks to explicate relationship of sexuality, gender.

CULT 816: Science/Technology (3 Credits)

Considers theories and major debates on culture of science, social construction of nature, and effects of technology on modern cultural forms. Includes readings from theorists such as Nietzsche, Heidegger, Horkheimer, Feyerabend, Bahro, Haraway, and Latour.

CULT 818: Social Institutions (3 Credits)

Considers theories of institutional practice and social structures, from Max Weber to Michel Foucault. Covers prisons, bureaucracies, museums, schools, political parties, and social movements.

CULT 820: After Colonialism (3 Credits)

Surveys racial, ethnic, caste, and national identities in colonial contexts; scientific racism in periphery and core sites; subsequent history of race, ethnic, national identities and conflicts; classical and contemporary texts by authors such as DuBois, Fanon, Gilroy, and Spivak; and particular place of issues of national, racial, and ethnic identities in contemporary cultural studies.

CULT 860: Special Topics in Cultural Studies (3 Credits)

Specialized interdisciplinary topics in cultural theory and analysis.

CULT 870: Independent Study (1-3 Credits)

Reading and research on a specific topic guided by advisors, supporting the development of a Field Concentration.

CULT 880: Field Concentration (3 Credits)

Intensive research course, resulting in a Field Statement and oral defense.

900-Level Courses in CULT

CULT 998: Doctoral Dissertation Proposal (1-6 Credits)

Develop research proposal that forms basis for doctoral dissertation.

CULT 999: Doctoral Dissertation (1-12 Credits)

Doctoral dissertation research and writing under direction of dissertation committee.