Ayondela McDole

Ayondela McDole

Ayondela McDole

Graduate Professional Assistant

Black feminism, Black Marxism, Media Studies, Literature and Black identity.

Ayondela McDole graduated with distinction in Pan African Studies at Syracuse University (’17). Her thesis, "Mammy Representations in the 21st Century" examined the complex representations of mammy within American folklore, American history, and popular culture in film and television. McDole graduated magna cum laude from Columbia College Chicago (’12) with a BA in Cultural Studies and Black World Studies minor. Her research interests center on Black feminism, Black Marxism, media studies, performance studies, popular culture and Black identity. The main focus of her research is the ways in which race is performed in popular culture. In studying performance and film, McDole hopes to understand the political nature of media and popular culture and uncover gender discourse within performativity.

Current Research

Tourism Labor, Black Marxism

Courses Taught

Global Representations of Women (WMST 100)

Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (WMST 200)

Voices of Black Women (AAS 390)

Globalization and Labor (Cult 320)



Syracuse University ('17)

Columbia College Chicago ('12)

In the Media