Ayondela McDole

Ayondela McDole

Ayondela McDole

Graduate Professional Assistant

Black feminism, Black Marxism, Media Studies, Black identity, Black Literature, popular culture, oral histories, critical ethnography.

Current Research

The tourism industry, racialized capitalism, globalization and labor

Grants and Fellowships

Summer Research Fellowship

John Mitchell Jr. Fellow 

Curriculum Impact Grant


Courses Taught

Introduction to African American Studies (AAS 200) 1 semester

Global Representations of Women (WMST 100) 4 semesters

Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (WMST 200) 2 semesters

Voices of Black Women (AAS 390) 2 semesters

Globalization and Culture (Cult 320)  2 semester / 2 sections



Syracuse University ('17)

Columbia College Chicago ('12)

In the Media