Christina Riley

Christina Riley

Christina Riley

Graduate Lecturer

Social Movement Studies, affect theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, New Media Theory and Network Studies

PhD graduate in Cultural Studies. Past courses taught included: Visual Culture, Global Representations of Women, Cultural Studies and Globalization and the Nonprofit Sector.

My research focuses on the affective dynamics of group collectivity and their political relays on/offline. My dissertation project incorporates interdisciplinary work from Gender and Sexuality Studies, Social Movement Studies, theories of affect, and Network/New Media Studies. I also have a background in nonprofit development, data analytics, community-based education, and digital archives.

Selected Publications

“How the Women’s March Happened, Or, Adventures in Digital and Materialist Feminist Solidarity.” The New Americanist, vol. 1, no. 1, 2018, pp. 149–74.

"The Arab Spring’s Stranger: The Affective Media Phenomenon of The Girl in the Blue Bra." How to Do Things with Affects Brill Rodopi, 2019, pp. 232–55.

"The Affective Flux of Feminist Digital Collectives, or What Happened to the Women’s March of 2017.” The Second International Volume of Internet Research, Springer, 2018, pp. 1–20.

“The Storytelling of Trauma: #YesAllWomen and the Dawning of Feminist Digital Collectivity.” Innovations and Implications of Persuasive Narrative, Peter Lang, 2020, pp. 214–39.