K. V. White

K. V. White

K. V. White

Social institutions, particularly institutions of higher education; rhetoric and politics; social control.

Courses Taught

I'm a Ph.D. candidate, but I don't teach classes at GMU.

These are the classes I have taught at Northern Virginia Community College:

  • English 111: College Composition I

  • English 112: College Composition II

  • English 115: Technical Writing 

  • English 116: Business Writing

  • English 125: Introduction to Literature

  • English 135: Applied Grammar

  • English 236: Introduction to the Short Story

  • English 241: Survey of American Literature I

  • English 243: English Literature I

  • English 244: English Literature II

  • English 252: World Literature II

  • English 255: Major Writers in World Literature

  • English 295: Gothic Literature

 As a graduate lecturer at The Pennsylvania State University, I had the opportunity to teach the following classes:

  • English 015: Freshman Rhetoric and Composition

  • English 202C: Advanced Composition - Technical Writing


English M.A.
The Pennsylvania State University

English B.A.
Marymount University

General Studies A.S.
Liberal Arts A.A.
Northern Virginia Community College