Student Spotlight: Megan E. Fariello's Latest Publication

The program congratulates CS student Megan Elizabeth Fariello for her latest publication. Fariello's article titled "Mediating the 'Upside Down': the techno-historical acoustic in Netflix’s Stranger Things and The Black Tapes podcast" has recently been published in the journal Sound Studies.

Please see the abstract below.

"This paper demonstrates how sound restructures audience engagement with narrative visuals, thus nostalgia is being refocused through the appearance of sound technologies. I will examine specific examples of a reoccurring sound in recent media, what I term the techno-historical acoustic. It has four main characteristics: it is diegetic, comes from a technological source, works as a catalyst to memory, and provides a mediation within the diegesis between the “real world” and a mysterious alternative space. This is exemplified in Netflix’s Stranger Things and the podcast The Black Tapes. These shows revel in nostalgia, but also subvert audience expectations of a return to a past moment by mediating between the spaces of the real and unknown. Audience experience becomes grounded in listening – to technologically-produced sounds – to navigate these spaces. This refocuses the process of nostalgia so that safety and understanding are not found in returning to the past, but in older technologies. The diegetic use of sound transforms the idea of nostalgia as a longing for home into a longing for a more collective social experience."

Read the full article here.