• Abir Abyad

    Abir Abyad

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Muna Al Taweel

    Muna Al Taweel

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Theories of Nationalism, Politics of Space, Identity Politics, Levantine Postcolonialism, S.W.A.N.A Studies , Trauma Studies

  • Shukadev Amgain

    Shukadev Amgain

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Digital culture, digital humanities, racial and gender biases in AI

  • Angela N Barajas

    Angela N Barajas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Co-Chair

    Fanship Studies, Pop Culture

  • Aziza Bayou

    Aziza Bayou

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Economic anthropology, political economy, fair/affordable housing, segregation, inequity, ethnographic methods, New Orleans and Caribbean region. Secondary: human evolution, pedagogy

  • William Beaman

    William Beaman

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Camila Campos Costa

    Camila Campos Costa

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Film and Media, Self-representation, Aesthetics, Memory, Race/ethnicity, African diaspora studies, and Postcolonial and Decolonial Theory.

  • Akina Canady

    Akina Canady

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Professional Development Co-Chair

    Black feminism, intersectionality, digital counterpublics, biopolitics

  • Esma Husniye Celebioglu

    Esma Husniye Celebioglu

    Techno-religion, religious conservatism, neoliberal political economy, cultural politics, social/cultural resistance, social movements, digital activism.

  • Austin A. Deray

    Austin A. Deray


    Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Critical University Studies, Gender Studies, Ethnography, Film and Media Studies, Masculine Theory, Spectatorship, SWANA Studies, Iranian Studies, Globalization, Transnational Bodies, Fraternity(ies), and Social Institutions

  • Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

    Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

    Graduate Lecturer, SOC Graduate Liaison

    Gender and Sexuality; mass and popular culture; social media/digital ethnography; disability, historical and modern US culture.

  • Matteo Ferrari

    Matteo Ferrari

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Underground music, subcultures, economic geography, deindustrialization, grassroots politics and activism, DIY, direct action.

  • Robert Gabriel

    Robert Gabriel

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Zach Gehring

    Zach Gehring

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Critical Theory, Neoliberalism, Digital Cultures, Genre Studies, New Media, Popular Culture

  • Clara Joy Gibson

    Clara Joy Gibson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Critical theory, historical materialism, Marxist analysis, postcolonialism, disability studies, and visual narrative.

  • Elizabeth Anne Gibson

    Elizabeth Anne Gibson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Non-normative genders, the construction of gender, TV/film/media, the U.S. security state and queer bodies. Porn work in the gig economy.

  • Collin Hawley

    Collin Hawley

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    photography, gender and sexuality, alienation, power, and subject formations

  • Stephen Hickson

    Stephen Hickson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Working-class studies, mass culture, gender and sexuality, labor studies

  • Annie O Hui

    Annie O Hui

    Graduate Lecturer

    Popular culture, surrealism, postcolonial literature

  • Kerri Kline

    Kerri Kline

    Museum studies, cultural/economic policies, social history, public education

  • Carl Leak

    Carl Leak

    Librarian III, SOC Communications Chair

    Social Movements; Black Studies; Cultural Studies of Medicine

  • Amirhossein Mohammadzadeh
  • Susan Monroe
  • Luma Mousa

    Luma Mousa

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Treasurer

    - Visual Culture - Memory Studies - Social Media

  • Severin Mueller

    Severin Mueller

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Culture and Political Economy, Globalization, American and Southern Studies, Visual Culture

  • Kylie Musolf

    Kylie Musolf

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Kathleen N O'Neal

    Kathleen N O'Neal

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Mark Edwin Peterson

    Mark Edwin Peterson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Medievalism, Academia as Culture, The Significance of Library Collections.

  • Sharon Qiu

    Sharon Qiu

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Governance, Informal Sector, Critical Ethnography, Socialism, Political Economy, Cuba, Latin American and Caribbean Studies

  • Joey J Robbins

    Joey J Robbins

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • May Santiago

    May Santiago

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Co-Chair

    Cinema studies, genre cinema theory, decolonization, Puerto Rican identity studies, queer and feminist media studies

  • Aparna Shastri

    Aparna Shastri

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Global media industries, streaming television, post-colonial studies, visual culture, Indian cinema, adaptation studies, spectatorship

  • Ian S Sinnett

    Ian S Sinnett

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Popular music and hip-hop studies, popular culture, cultural memory, media and technology, affect theory, social activism

  • Nichole Michelle Smith

    Nichole Michelle Smith

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Reproductive and Productive Labor, Marxist Feminism, Online Culture and Social Media, Social Movements and Social Change, Labor Movements, Anti-Rape Activism

  • Pavithra Suresh

    Pavithra Suresh

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Diaspora, South Asian-American studies, disability, queer bodies, governmentality and empire

  • Abla Triki

    Abla Triki

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Migration and Border Studies, Humanitarianism, Globalization, MENA

  • Andrew Wahnsiedler

    Andrew Wahnsiedler

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Mariah Wakefield

    Mariah Wakefield

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Rachel Williams

    Rachel Williams

    Graduate Professional Assistant

  • Chelsea Wenzhu Xu

    Chelsea Wenzhu Xu

    Graduate Lecturer

    Film and media, popular culture, gender and sexuality

  • Muge Yuce

    Muge Yuce

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Politics of Humor, Memory, Affect, Performance, Gender&Sexuality