• Muna Altaweel

    Muna Altaweel

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Trauma Studies, Trauma Theory, Globalization and Immigration, Literary Trauma Theory

  • Aimee Dixon Anthony

    Aimee Dixon Anthony

    Early African American Cinema--focus on women, Early Cinema, African American Cinema, Film Studies, Critical Race Theory, D.C. History

  • Erin Aust

    Erin Aust

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Angela N Barajas

    Angela N Barajas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Co-Chair

    Fanship Studies, Pop Culture

  • S. Akina Canady

    S. Akina Canady

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Professional Development Co-Chair

  • Esma Husniye Celebioglu

    Esma Husniye Celebioglu

    Techno-religion, religious conservatism, neoliberal political economy, cultural politics, social/cultural resistance, social movements, digital activism.

  • Greg Conrow

    Greg Conrow

    Ethics with interest in phenomenology, deconstruction, Kantian aesthetics, especially the sublime

  • Austin Deray

    Austin Deray

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Medieval gender and sexuality, codes of normativity in gender and sexuality, neo-medievalism, popular culture, social institutionalism, medieval queenship, sociohistorical construction of heteronormative masculinity, collegiate masculinity, and collegiate sexual expression

  • Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

    Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

    Graduate Lecturer, SOC Graduate Liaison

    Gender and Sexuality studies; mass and popular culture, disability, medial studies, historical and modern US culture.

  • Robert Gabriel

    Robert Gabriel

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Ashley Gaddy

    Ashley Gaddy

    Race/ethnicity, biopolitics, African American Studies

  • Austin Gallas

    Austin Gallas

    Graduate Lecturer

    Police reform, undercover surveillance in New York City history.

  • Elizabeth Gibson

    Elizabeth Gibson

    Graduate Lecturer

    Non-normative genders, the construction of gender, TV/film/media, the U.S. security state and queer bodies. The figure of the queer child/trans child

  • Elena Guglielmi

    Elena Guglielmi


    Linguistics, Russian Language, Literature and History

  • Kristin Hillers

    Kristin Hillers

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Annie O Hui

    Annie O Hui

    Graduate Lecturer

    Popular culture, surrealism, postcolonial literature

  • Christina R Kappel

    Christina R Kappel

    Gender and sexuality, mass and popular culture, postfeminism

  • Travis Ryan Lamken

    Travis Ryan Lamken

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Mass and popular culture, neoliberalism, media studies, and critical theory

  • Carl Leak

    Carl Leak

    Librarian II

  • Ray Ashton LeBlanc

    Ray Ashton LeBlanc

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Feminist and queer anthropology, ethnography, bodies and embodiment, gender and sexuality, drag performance

  • Ayondela McDole

    Ayondela McDole

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Black feminism, Black Marxism, Media Studies, Literature and Black identity.

  • Marintha Miles

    Marintha Miles

    Graduate Lecturer

    Migration, diaspora, political economy, digital activism, language politics, gender, international development, religion, ethnography, Central Asia, Tajikistan

  • Luma Mousa

    Luma Mousa

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    - Narratology and narrative theory - Film studies - Media studies

  • Severin Mueller

    Severin Mueller

    Graduate Research Assistant, SOC Professional Development Co-Chair

    Film & visual culture, politics of aesthetics, phenomenology, transnationalism, globalization, space and place, southern studies

  • Kylie Musolf

    Kylie Musolf

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Mark Edwin Peterson

    Mark Edwin Peterson

    Medievalism, Academia as Culture, The Significance of Library Collections. In the past I have written on medieval brewing technology, German-American printing, St. Bridget of Sweden, the book trade, library disaster response, paratext, violence, pulp magazines, History of Medicine, Tahiti, presidential libraries and marketing as pop. culture. I think I am narrowing it down.

  • Ankur Rastogi
  • Ashley Richardson

    Ashley Richardson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Co-Chair

    Film & television, American popular culture, digital & social media

  • Shauna Rigaud

    Shauna Rigaud

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Black History with a focus on Caribbean American experiences, Black feminism, youth development and community organizing

  • Christina Riley

    Christina Riley

    Graduate Lecturer

    Social Movement Studies, affect theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, New Media Theory and Network Studies

  • Eric W Ross

    Eric W Ross

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    American Studies, museum studies, memory studies, political subjectivity, and cultural policy

  • May Santiago

    May Santiago

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Ian S Sinnett

    Ian S Sinnett

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Treasurer

    Cultural musicology, affect theory, popular culture, memory studies, Media and technology, social activist movements

  • Richard Todd Stafford

    Richard Todd Stafford


    Cultural study of science and technology, culture and political economy, environment and culture, visual culture

  • Pavithra Suresh

    Pavithra Suresh

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Communications Chair

    Diaspora, South Asian-American studies, transnational feminisms, disability, queer bodies, non-dominant epistemologies, critical pedagogy, governmentality and empire

  • Chelsea Triggs

    Chelsea Triggs

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Gender and sexuality, queer and feminist theory, transgender studies, disability theory, literary theory and criticism, media representation, identity formation and performance, human rights movements

  • Andrew Wahnsiedler

    Andrew Wahnsiedler

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Wanjiku Wainaina

    Wanjiku Wainaina

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Mariah Wakefield

    Mariah Wakefield

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • K. V. White

    K. V. White

    Social institutions, rhetoric/literature and politics, social control

  • Chelsea Wenzhu Xu

    Chelsea Wenzhu Xu

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Film and media, popular culture, psychoanalysis, gender and sexuality, transnationalism

  • Tolga Yalur

    Tolga Yalur

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    AI; Algorithms; Media; Film, Visual Thinking; Popular Culture; Gender; Subjectivity; Globalization & Sustainability

  • Tauheeda Yasin Martin

    Tauheeda Yasin Martin

    Graduate Lecturer

    American Studies, legal and policy history, mass incarceration, comparative justice, poverty studies

  • David Isaac Zeglen

    David Isaac Zeglen

    Graduate Lecturer

    Marxist political economy, Frankfurt school, uneven and combined development, globalization theory, international relations, nationalism, visual culture, the holocaust, celebrity studies, North Korean culture

  • Amy Zhang

    Amy Zhang

    Graduate Lecturer

    Museums, globalization, art, sociology of culture, museum studies, critical theory, art theory, art historiography, Arab States of the Persian Gulf