PhD in Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies seeks to understand, critique, and transform cultural practices. Many students with degrees in Cultural Studies will go on to academic work in disciplines such as English, Communication, History, Anthropology, or Sociology, and especially in interdisciplinary fields like Film and Media Studies, Gender Studies, or Global Studies, and of course Cultural Studies itself. Other graduates will apply their scholarly training in applied settings: some within cultural institutions of various kinds, such as museums; others in advocacy groups, service groups, or non-government organizations.

The Cultural Studies Program trains students for both scholarship and teaching. Students come to the doctoral program with Masters degrees in anthropology, English, history, sociology, and other traditional disciplines. Most come with an already established interest in radical scholarship and interdisciplinary work. The program core courses provide students with a firm grounding in the main traditions of cultural studies.



The Cultural Studies Program has a limited number of teaching and research assistantships for highly qualified students. If awarded a teaching assistantship, students with strong preparation may be assigned to teach their own course; others have the opportunity to develop their teaching skills by working closely with an outstanding faculty member.