Alumni Spotlight: New CS Alumni-edited Book

Alumni Spotlight: New CS Alumni-edited Book

We are pleased to announce the new edited volume, The Dialectic of Digital Culture, has been published by Rowman & Littlefield.

This volume on digital humanities has been edited by CS graduates David Arditi and Jennifer Miller. The collection also includes contributions from CS alumni Lisa Daily, Robert Gehl, Ariella Horwitz and CS affiliated faculty Nancy W. Hanrahan

Please see below for a summary from Rowman & Littlefield:

"This edited collection analyzes the role of digital technology in contemporary society dialectically. While many authors, journalists, and commentators have argued that the internet and digital technologies will bring us democracy, equality, and freedom, digital culture often results in loss of privacy, misinformation, and exploitation. This collection challenges celebratory readings of digital technology by suggesting digital culture's potential is limited because of its fundamental relationship to oppressive social forces.

The Dialectic of Digital Culture explores ways the digital realm challenges and reproduces power. The contributors provide innovative case studies of various phenomenon including #metoo, Etsy, mommy blogs, music streaming, sustainability, and net neutrality to reveal the reproduction of neoliberal cultural logics. In seemingly transformative digital spaces, these essays provide dialectical readings that challenge dominant narratives about technology and study specific aspects of digital culture that are often under explored."

More information can be found on book editor David Arditi here.