Alum David Arditi at The World Forum

Alum David Arditi at The World Forum

Recently, GMU CS alum David Arditi was invited to present a lecture at “The World Forum on Democracy, Tech and Human Kind,” an annual event “that unites leaders from politics, civil society, and culture, engaged in the ideas and practices for a better world and fundamental change.” The high-profile event included UN SG Ban Ki-Moon, Hillary Clinton, Sharon Stone, and others.

Arditi’s invitation was motivated by his book Digital Feudalism: Creators, Credit, Consumption, and Capitalism which was published in April of last year. In it, he argues that over the past two decades, the global economy has undergone a massive shift, changing the way we work, consume, and pay for things. This “new moment in capitalism” entails serious implications for the future of Democracy.

The lecture he gave at the World Forum draws from Digital Feudalism and directs the concern for the future of democracy to the underlying structure of capitalism, the need for an inclusive and representative public sphere, access to information, and the harmful impacts of paywalls and private ownership of social media platforms.

In concluding his lecture, Arditi claims that in order to foster greater democracy, we need to establish a regulatory system that ideally entails state-supported social media, the elimination of paywalls, and the regulation of online education; e.g., regulating what can be called a “university” and making public university courses free through “open access, open resource, and open pedagogy.”

We are thankful to be so well represented by Dr. Arditi!