Cultural Studies Program Members Present at PCA/ACA Conference

Cultural Studies Program Members Present at PCA/ACA Conference

Several members of our department presented research at the recent PCA/ACA Conference in D.C. Here are our members' panels, papers, and authors:

Comics and Comic Art Fiction and Nonfiction—Comics with Causes
Towards an Ecocritical Theory of Nonfiction Comics: Spatial Practices and Affective Engagements in Joe Sacco’s Representations of Inequity in the Appalachian Coalfields 
Richard Todd Stafford

Music: World Musics
Where Myth and Metal Collide: Folk Metal and Popular Culture
Tai Neilson

Music: Hardcore, Industrial, and Black Metal
The Ugly as Political: Rethinking Adorno’s Musicology through Black Metal
Kyle Koeppe 

Celebrity in Culture 
Che Kitsch: Pop Culture Commodity or Revolutionary Icon?
Savannah Fetterolf 

Science Fiction and Fantasy 
The Impala and Serenity: Representations of Gender through Maintenance in Supernatural and Firefly
Melissa Bruce 

Appalachian Studies
The Young Patriots Organization and Rainbow Coalition of Uptown Chicago: A Reclaimed History
Eric Olson & Noel Lopez 

Science Fiction and Fantasy Through Younger Eyes.
The Critical Possibilities of Dystopia: State Authority, Suspicious Citizenship and Political Socialization in Contemporary YA Science Fiction
Kara Heitz