Announcing Our Blog: Edges

by Gavin Mueller

Announcing Our Blog: Edges
We've launched a blog for Cultural Studies this year:
The blog is designed to publish original material from members of the CS community. It's a great way to put out material quickly in an easily accessible form, and to mark our program as devoted to the idea of the public intellectual.
How it works:
Gavin Mueller will be managing editor of the blog this year. If you have a post, or even just an idea for a post, please email him. Our Director, Roger Lancaster, will have the final say in the editorial process.
What To Write
  • We've already got a conversation evolving about open access dissertations, which is moving into the realm of scholarly publishing. If you'd like to contribute to that discussion, please do!
  • Topical items tend to work well for the blog form. If you see a current event or news item that you can relate to your academic expertise, that's a perfect opportunity for a blog post. Perhaps a recent film, international news item, or policy decision would be illuminated by your research.
  • Finally, blogs are an opportunity to reformat some research in a way accessible to a general audience. Perhaps you have a compelling bit of research from a recent or forthcoming publication. Recasting it in a more popular voice is another great way to use the blog.
Graduate students: We also plan to use the blog to post short interviews (3 questions) with our colloquium guests. This could be an excellent opportunity for graduate students to get involved, and interact with visiting scholars. If there is a specific speaker you'd like to talk to, please let me know so I can assist in making arrangements.
If you are interested in contributing, or if you have any questions at all, including simply pitching ideas for a post, please drop Gavin Mueller a line.