CULT 820: After Colonialism

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Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Surveys racial, ethnic, caste, and national identities in colonial contexts; scientific racism in periphery and core sites; subsequent history of race, ethnic, national identities and conflicts; classical and contemporary texts by authors such as DuBois, Fanon, Gilroy, and Spivak; and particular place of issues of national, racial, and ethnic identities in contemporary cultural studies. Notes: This course is designed for the PhD student. Those students not admitted to a PhD program are required to contact the instructor. May not be repeated for credit.
Recommended Prerequisite: Admission to a doctoral program, or permission of instructor.
Registration Restrictions:

Enrollment is limited to students with a major in Cultural Studies.

Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.

Schedule Type: Seminar
This course is graded on the Graduate Regular scale.