Cultural Studies Colloquium: "What the Transracial/Transgender Analogy Misses."

w/ Robin Dembroff, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Yale University, and Dee Payton, PhD candidate in Philosophy at Rutgers University.

Thursday, April 22, 2021 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Zoom Virtual Event

Cultural Studies Colloquium: "What the Transracial/Transgender Analogy Misses."

Join us virtually at the Cultural Studies Colloquium for the last guest speaker event of this spring series. We are very pleased to welcome Robin Dembroff and Dee Payton for a talk titled "What the Transracial/ Transgender Analogy Misses."

Below is a summary of their talk:

"Almost without exception, people take the question, 'Should someone berecognized as a woman?' to be settled by first answering the question 'Is that person really a woman?' They do the same in the case of race, taking the question, 'Should someone be recognized as a Black?' to be settled by the answer to, 'Is that person really Black?' We think this reasoning is based on a mistake: what matters is not what race and gender 'really are', but rather what race and gender concepts ought to do. We argue that this paradigm shift reveals an important asymmetry between transgender and transracial identification."

Flyer CSC Dembroff and Payton

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