Student Spotlight: CS Students at the Annual CSA Conference

The fourteenth annual meeting of Cultural Studies Association was held in Philadelphia on 2-5 June 2016. The program congratulates CS students who successfully presented their papers in the conference. We are pleased to share a list of some of the program’s presenters. Learn more about their presentations reading this article.

(Environment, Space, and Place Working Group - Documenting the Crisis 1)

Reinvention of Parks in Istanbul: Motivations, Contradictions and Implications of Metropolitan Green Space Developments: This paper focuses on two sites in Istanbul that have attracted media attention with new park development projects in the past two years: Yedikule market gardens and the grove of Validebag.

Basak Durgun


(Globalization & Culture Working Group- Contesting Globalization I: The Crisis of The Local)

Fishball Revolution: Policing Cultures in Hong Kong: This paper aims to reveal how informal spaces in Hong Kong, as important sites for cultivating individual and collective identities, are slowly being controlled and overtaken by larger institutions of power.

Annie Hui


Panel Session: Do Not Turn Off or Unplug: Approaches to Digital Cultural Studies

On the Production of the Conditions for Digital Media: This presentation describes technological, political, and socio-economic infrastructures that undergird the potential for digital mediation, in case studies from developing nations in West Africa.

Lewis Levenberg


Digital Media, Conventional Methods: Using Interviews to Study the Labor of Digital Journalism: This presentation outlined the benefits and limitations of using interviews, a conventional qualitative research method, as part of a Cultural Studies approach to digital journalism.

Tai Neilson


The Establishment of Influencer: Networks within Digital Journalism: This presentation explored the public voices of authority within digital journalism, using the drought in Texas between 2010 and 2014 as a case study.

David Rheams 


Round Table - Cultural Studies, Community Colleges, and the Crises of American Higher Education: In this roundtable, several of the problems that beset community college faculty, including exploitative working conditions for both full-time and adjunct faculty and a profit-seeking model for the college that dictates "measurable" outcomes and vocational training were discussed.

Richard E. Otten (chair)


(Visual Culture Working Group- The Politics of Exclusion and Affective Spaces of Capital)

Picturing Capital: Mass Media and the Art of Visualizing Poverty

& Author Meets Critic panel on Walter Benn Michaels' The Beauty of a Social Problem (critic).

Caroline West


(Visual Culture Working Group- The Visual Politics of Reification and Resistance)

The Event of the Ghetto: Archiving the Practical Gaze in A Film Unfinished: This paper was about the documentary "A Film Unfinished," and the filmmaker's attempt to restore some of the links in the web of meaning surrounding images of the Warsaw Ghetto that are denied by the privileging of the Nazi gaze.

David Zeglen