"Fake News, Educational Opportunities" with John Cook

"Fake News, Educational Opportunities" with John Cook Image

"Climate change has become polarized along cultural lines, with political affiliation being the strongest driver of climate attitudes. Attempts to depolarize the issue first require understanding the role of ideologically driven misinformation that turned a bipartisan issue into an intensely partisan debate. How should scientists respond to the rising prevalence of misinformation? This talk will outline the psychological research into science denial and misinformation. What impact does misinformation have on people’s perceptions of climate change, and what are the implications for scientists? How can we effectively respond to science denial? Can we turn misinformation into a potentially educational opportunity? (Spoiler alert: The answer is yes.)"

John Cook researches how to better understand and counter climate misinformation at the Center for Climate Change Communication. He founded the website Skeptical Science, which won the 2016 Friend of the Planet Award from the National Center for Science Education. jcook20@gmu.edu.