"Greenwashing Culture" with Toby Miller

"Greenwashing Culture" with Toby Miller Image

"We often think of the culture industries as green, certainly in comparison with the extractive or manufacturing sectors. And when it comes to the relationship between the media and the environment, we generally consider issues such as how to communicate the science of climate change effectively. But culture is integral to greenwashing and to ecological destruction. First, major polluters use their sponsorship of culture in search of a social license to operate. And second, the culture industries are major polluters themselves.Various responses to this situation present themselves: boycotts, disruption, shareholder activism, regulation, and so on. We'll explore how these might play out, if implemented."

Toby Miller is research professor of the graduate division, University of California, Riverside. His most recent books include Greenwashing Culture (Routledge, 2018), Greenwashing Sport (Routledge, 2018), and Global Media Studies (Polity, 2016). He can be contacted at tobym69@icloud.com and his adventures scrutinized at www.tobymiller.org