Kara Keeling "'Marvels of ... Inventiveness': The Times of Black Studies" Keynote for the George Mason Center for Humanities Research's first annual symposium, "Pasts/Presents/Futures."

CSC Guest Kara Keeling

Kara Keeling is Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago. Professor Keeling's research areas include African American film, representations of race, sexuality, and gender in cinema, critical theory, and cultural studies. Keeling is the author of Queer Times, Black Futures (NYU Press, 2019), The Witch's Flight (Duke UP, 2007), as well as scholarly articles published in the journals GLQThe Black ScholarWomen and Performance, among others. Professor Keeling currently serves on the editorial boards of the journals Cultural Studies, Feminist Media Studies, and is part of the editorial collective of boundary2.