PhD in Cultural Studies


The Cultural Studies Program has a limited number of teaching and research assistantships for highly qualified students. If awarded a teaching assistantship, students with strong preparation may be assigned to teach their own course; others have the opportunity to develop their teaching skills by working closely with an outstanding faculty member.

Conference planning and participation

Cultural studies graduate students are expected to participate in the planning and execution of the annual conference hosted by the Cultural Studies Colloquium. Students help select and contact prospective guest speakers, develop advertising for the event, and produce written, audio, or visual records of the conference. In addition, the Cultural Studies Program supports a Student Organizing Committee, which also hosts its own one-day symposium - completely planned and executed by students in the program.

David Zeglen

David Zeglen

Teaching and planning for the future

As part of his funding, David teaches classes in the Cultural Studies program, giving him much needed experience for the future.

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