Learning Outcomes


The Cultural Studies Ph.D. Program at George Mason University will provide comprehensive advanced training in the contemporary field. Program faculty will be dedicated to helping students develop a record of research, scholarship, and instruction appropriate to the development of careers in academic and applied settings. A center for interdisciplinary teaching and research, the program will support the development of critical, analytical, and imaginative thinking on the social issues of our time. It will function as a center of excellence at the University: a nationally and internationally visible intellectual centerpiece of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.


  1. Cultural literacy in the field of Cultural Studies: Students will achieve general knowledge in the field at the PhD level, and will become critical thinkers about the basic issues and problems of the field as it has developed over the past several decades.
  2. Proficiency in specific fields or areas: Students will achieve specialized knowledge in the fields and areas necessary to their particular doctoral research and other professional activities (e.g., teaching, public advocacy, museum work, etc.).
  3. Methodological proficiency: Students will successfully formulate research problems and design and carry out scholarly research in the field of cultural studies.
  4. Effective communication of research findings: Students will effectively communicate and defend the findings of their original research in written form and oral communication.
  5. Research language proficiency: Students will attain research competence in a second language appropriate to their research and professional interests.