Andrew Wahnsiedler

Andrew Wahnsiedler

Andrew Wahnsiedler

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Andrew Wahnsiedler is a PhD student in Cultural Studies here at George Mason University, where he is currently affiliated with both the Cultural Studies and Integrative Studies departments.  Growing up in Indiana, Wahnsiedler earned a BA in Philosophy from Hanover College and an MM in Musicology from Butler University.  After he finished his master’s degree, Wahnsiedler spent several years deeply embedded in the music industry before deciding to pursue his doctorate here at Mason.

Inspired by his own lived experiences, Wahnsiedler’s current research focuses on both the political economy and semiology of music, as well as popular culture and mass culture more generally.  His dissertation will explore not only these themes, but also the effect they have on the subjectivity of the listener.

Selected Publications

“Whose Responsibility? The Corporate Slacktivism of Curated Playlists,” Film Criticism (in preparation)

Courses Taught

CULT 320: Globalization and Culture

INTS 391: Understanding Integrative Studies


BA in Philosophy, Minors in Music and Classical Studies, Hanover College

MM in Musicology, Butler University