Graduate Assistants


  • Dareen Abdulmohsen
  • Abir Abyad

    Abir Abyad

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Muna Al Taweel

    Muna Al Taweel

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Theories of Nationalism, Politics of Space, Identity Politics, Levantine Postcolonialism, S.W.A.N.A Studies , Trauma Studies

  • Sitah Al-Qahtani

    Sitah Al-Qahtani

    Visual culture, gender studies, postcolonialism, literature, and film

  • Shukadev Amgain

    Shukadev Amgain

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Digital culture, digital humanities, racial and gender biases in AI

  • Aimee Dixon Anthony

    Aimee Dixon Anthony

    Early African American Cinema--focus on women, Early Cinema, African American Cinema, Film Studies, Critical Race Theory, D.C. History


  • Angela N Barajas

    Angela N Barajas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Co-Chair

    Fanship Studies, Pop Culture

  • William Beaman

    William Beaman

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Melissa Beard

    Melissa Beard

    Native American and Indigenous Studies, performance theory, ethnography, folklore, collective memory, historical trauma and genocide, film and television studies, gender studies and feminist theory

  • Ryan Bowerman

    Ryan Bowerman

    Graduate Lecturer

    Critical Development studies, citizenship, biopolitics, globalization, immigration, migration, colonialism, postcolonialism


  • Camila Campos Costa

    Camila Campos Costa

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Film and Media, Self-representation, Aesthetics, Memory, Race/ethnicity, African diaspora studies, and Postcolonial and Decolonial Theory.

  • Akina Canady

    Akina Canady

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Professional Development Co-Chair

    Black feminism, intersectionality, digital counterpublics, biopolitics

  • Sarah Carpenter
  • Esma Husniye Celebioglu

    Esma Husniye Celebioglu

    Techno-religion, religious conservatism, neoliberal political economy, cultural politics, social/cultural resistance, social movements, digital activism.


  • Megan Elizabeth Fariello
  • Matteo Ferrari

    Matteo Ferrari

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Underground music, subcultures, economic geography, deindustrialization, grassroots politics and activism, DIY, direct action.


  • Robert Gabriel

    Robert Gabriel

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Zach Gehring

    Zach Gehring

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Critical Theory, Neoliberalism, Digital Cultures, Genre Studies, New Media, Popular Culture

  • Clara Joy Gibson

    Clara Joy Gibson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Critical theory, historical materialism, Marxist analysis, postcolonialism, disability studies, and visual narrative.


  • Collin Hawley

    Collin Hawley

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    photography, gender and sexuality, alienation, power, and subject formations

  • Stephen Hickson

    Stephen Hickson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Working-class studies, mass culture, gender and sexuality, labor studies


  • Christina R Kappel

    Christina R Kappel

    Gender and sexuality, mass and popular culture, postfeminism

  • Kyle Koeppe

    Kyle Koeppe

    A constellation of Marxist political economy, Frankfurt School aesthetics and critical environmental history as they pertain to the American Appalachian region and its history of coal mining and local music that runs the gamut from folk and bluegrass to black metal


  • Ray Ashton LeBlanc

    Ray Ashton LeBlanc

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Feminist and queer anthropology, ethnography, bodies and embodiment, gender and sexuality, drag performance

  • Lewis Levenberg

    Lewis Levenberg

    The internet, history of technology, history of philosophy, philosophy of history, critical theory, power relations, biopower, Africana philosophy, African art, art history, art theory.

  • Noel Lopez



  • Khoi Nguyen

    Khoi Nguyen

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    war and sexuality; globalization; militarization; queer refugees



  • Mark Edwin Peterson

    Mark Edwin Peterson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Medievalism, Academia as Culture, The Significance of Library Collections.

  • Adam Proctor

    Adam Proctor

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Political economy, state theory, race and class, history and culture of the labor movement, globalization and imperialism


  • Sharon Qiu

    Sharon Qiu

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Governance, Informal Sector, Critical Ethnography, Socialism, Political Economy, Cuba, Latin American and Caribbean Studies


  • David Rheams

    David Rheams

    Political Economy, Digital Media Theory, Science and Technology Studies, Environmental Studies

  • Ashley Richardson

    Ashley Richardson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Film & television, American popular culture, digital & social media

  • Christina Riley

    Christina Riley

    Graduate Lecturer

    Social Movement Studies, affect theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, New Media Theory and Network Studies

  • Joey J Robbins

    Joey J Robbins

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Mohsen Roomipoor

    Mohsen Roomipoor

    Cultural studies, Islamic studies, sociology of culture, Middle East, subjectivity, identity, alienation, cultural changes

  • Eric W Ross

    Eric W Ross

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Museum studies, memory studies, temporality, dissensus, political subjectivity, and cultural policy


  • Laina Hanninen Saul
  • Natasha Sharma

    Natasha Sharma

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Transnational spaces, literature, South Asian American culture, kinship work, and The Midwest.

  • Aparna Shastri

    Aparna Shastri

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Global media industries, streaming television, post-colonial studies, visual culture, Indian cinema, adaptation studies, spectatorship

  • Ian S Sinnett

    Ian S Sinnett

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Popular music and hip-hop studies, popular culture, cultural memory, media and technology, affect theory, social activism

  • Nichole Michelle Smith

    Nichole Michelle Smith

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Reproductive and Productive Labor, Marxist Feminism, Online Culture and Social Media, Social Movements and Social Change, Labor Movements, Anti-Rape Activism

  • Pavithra Suresh

    Pavithra Suresh

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Diaspora, South Asian-American studies, disability, queer bodies, governmentality and empire


  • Abla Triki

    Abla Triki

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Migration and Border Studies, Humanitarianism, Globalization, MENA

  • Abla Triki

    Abla Triki

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Migration and Border Studies, Humanitarianism, Globalization, MENA



  • Chelsea Wenzhu Xu

    Chelsea Wenzhu Xu

    Graduate Lecturer

    Film and media, popular culture, gender and sexuality


  • Tauheeda Yasin Martin

    Tauheeda Yasin Martin

    Graduate Lecturer

    American Studies, legal and policy history, mass incarceration, comparative justice, poverty studies

  • Muge Yuce

    Muge Yuce

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Politics of Humor, Memory, Affect, Performance, Gender&Sexuality


  • David Isaac Zeglen

    David Isaac Zeglen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Marxist political economy, Frankfurt school, uneven and combined development, globalization theory, international relations, nationalism, visual culture, the holocaust, celebrity studies, North Korean culture