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  • Myrtle Liz Andrews

    Myrtle Liz Andrews

    Adjunct Faculty

    American Studies, art/media, biopolitics, difference/otherness, performance studies, social movements, visual culture


  • John Carl Baker

    John Carl Baker

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Aziza Bayou

    Aziza Bayou

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Economic anthropology, political economy, historical materialism, inequity, ethnicity, segregation, fair/affordable housing, anthropology of religion, ethnographic methods, New Orleans and Caribbean region. Secondary coursework in biological anthropology/human evolution and variation.


  • Basak Durgun

    Basak Durgun

    Graduate Lecturer

    Adjunct Faculty

    Urban spaces, gentrification, governmentality, globalization and transnational sexualities


  • Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

    Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

    Graduate Lecturer, SOC Graduate Liaison

    Gender and Sexuality; mass and popular culture; social media/digital ethnography; disability, historical and modern US culture.


  • Elizabeth Anne Gibson

    Elizabeth Anne Gibson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Non-normative genders, the construction of gender, TV/film/media, the U.S. security state and queer bodies. Porn work in the gig economy.



  • Zana Sahyouni

    Zana Sahyouni

    Adjunct Faculty

    religion and culture; the Middle East; nationalist narratives; colonialism

  • May Santiago

    May Santiago

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Co-Chair

    Cinema studies, genre cinema theory, decolonization, Puerto Rican identity studies, queer and feminist media studies