Cultural Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences



  • Dareen Abdulmohsen
  • Sitah Al-Qahtani

    Sitah Al-Qahtani

    Visual culture, gender studies, post-colonialism, literature, and film

  • Denise Albanese

    Denise Albanese



    affect and politics; problems in mass culture and popular culture; science and technology studies; critical historicism and the contemporary moment; Shakespeare in public culture; Milton and early modern literature

  • Amal Amireh

    Amal Amireh

    Associate Professor

    middle eastern literature; world literature; gender and sexuality

  • Eric Gary Anderson

    Eric Gary Anderson

    Associate Professor

    American Indian literatures, U.S. and global Southern studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, American fiction from the beginnings to the 21st century, multi-ethnic American literatures

  • Myrtle Liz Andrews

    Myrtle Liz Andrews

    American Studies, art/media, biopolitics, difference/otherness, performance studies, social movements, visual culture

  • Aimee Dixon Anthony
  • Jon Aponte

    Jon Aponte

    Program Assistant

  • Erin Aust


  • John Carl Baker

    John Carl Baker

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Marielle Patrice Barrow

    Marielle Patrice Barrow

    Graduate Lecturer

    Memory studies, museum studies, arts & cultural policy, art history, caribbean studies

  • Melissa Beard

    Melissa Beard

    Native American and Indigenous Studies, performance theory, ethnography, folklore, collective memory, historical trauma and genocide, film and television studies, gender studies and feminist theory

  • Amy L Best

    Amy L Best


    Sociology of everyday life, social inequalities, feminist and qualitative approaches to social research, youth and gender, sociology of food

  • Johanna K Bockman

    Johanna K Bockman

    Associate Professor

    Globalization, neoliberalism, economic sociology, Eastern Europe, socialism and postsocialism, gentrification, Washington, DC

  • Ryan Bowerman

    Ryan Bowerman

    Globalization, immigration

  • Melissa N Bruce
  • Zofia Burr

    Zofia Burr

    Associate Professor

    African American literature; poetry



  • Diana D'Amico

    Diana D'Amico

    Assistant Professor

    History of education and education policy

  • Lisa Ann Daily

    Lisa Ann Daily

    Consumer and commodity studies, visual culture and media studies (especially representations of race, gender, labor, power, ethics), globalization, political economy and histories of capitalism, business ethics, and social movements

  • Maria M Dakake

    Maria M Dakake

    Associate Professor

    Islamic thought, Qur'anic Studies, Shi'ite and Sufi traditions, women's issues

  • John G. Dale

    John G. Dale

    Associate Professor

    political sociology; economic sociology; social movements; globalization; transnational networks; sociology of human rights; law & transnational conflict; urban sociology; critical sociology of development; comparative & historical sociology; (Area Specialist in Burma/Myanmar).

  • Austin Deray

    Austin Deray

    Medieval gender and sexuality, codes of normativity in gender and sexuality, neo-medievalism, popular culture, social institutionalism, medieval queenship, sociohistorical construction of heteronormative masculinity, collegiate masculinity, and collegiate sexual expression

  • Marion F. Deshmukh

    Marion F. Deshmukh

    Robert T. Hawkes Professor of History

    European cultural history, history of modern Germany and Austria, German and Austrian art history

  • Basak Durgun

    Basak Durgun

    Graduate Lecturer

    Urban spaces, gentrification, governmentality, globalization and transnational sexualities

  • Ashley DuVal

    Ashley DuVal

    Cultural economy, power relations, nationalism, globalization


  • Megan Elizabeth Fariello

    Megan Elizabeth Fariello

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Savannah M Fetterolf
  • John Burt Foster

    John Burt Foster

    University Professor

    world literature, modern fiction, comparative literature

  • Wayne J Froman

    Wayne J Froman

    Associate Professor

    Contemporary European Continental philosophy, phenomenology, hermeneutics, aesthetics

  • Cynthia Fuchs

    Cynthia Fuchs

    Associate Professor

    Documentaries, American media, war movies, black popular cultures, sports and media, horror, action, and science fiction, gender and sexuality


  • Ashley Gaddy

    Ashley Gaddy

    Race/ethnicity, biopolitics, African American Studies

  • Austin Gallas

    Austin Gallas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Tim Gibson

    Tim Gibson

    Associate Professor

    Critical media studies, mass communication theory, and urban communication

  • Paula Ruth Gilbert

    Paula Ruth Gilbert


    Nineteenth-Century French studies, Quebec studies, women writers, Literature, Society, and the Arts; Women and Gender Studies (joint appointment): Violence and Gender; Violent Women; Narrative, Gender, and Human Rights; Cultural Studies; New Century College

  • Alex Glass
  • Michael Joseph Goebel
  • Michele Greet

    Michele Greet

    Associate Professor

    Twentieth-century Andean art, Latin American artists in Europe

  • Gregory A Guagnano

    Gregory A Guagnano

    Associate Professor

    Political economy of resource control, environmental sociology, social psychology of environmental concern, research methods and design, statistics, diffusion of technological innovation

  • Caroline Guthrie

    Caroline Guthrie

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • David W Haines

    David W Haines


    migration, governance, kinship, information technology, East and Southeast Asia

  • Adila Rebh Hanieh

    Adila Rebh Hanieh

    Theories of ideology, aesthetics, post colonial theory, intellectual history, Arab arts & culture, visual arts, film, literature

  • Nancy W Hanrahan

    Nancy W Hanrahan

    Associate Professor

    critical theory, cultural sociology, feminist theory, music and the arts

  • Tamara Harvey

    Tamara Harvey

    Associate Professor

    early American literature, early modern women's writing, feminist theory

  • Kara L. Heitz

    Kara L. Heitz

    American Studies, popular culture studies, critical theory

  • Kristin Hillers
  • Mack P. Holt

    Mack P. Holt


    Early modern Europe, especially France, the Reformation, the history of wine, the history of the book

  • Ariella Catherine Horwitz

    Ariella Catherine Horwitz

    Visual culture, mass culture, and media and politics.

  • Annie O Hui

    Annie O Hui

    Popular culture, surrealism, postcolonial literature


  • Mark D Jacobs

    Mark D Jacobs


    Sociology of culture, social theory, social control and juvenile justice, public scandal


  • Christina R Kappel

    Christina R Kappel

    Gender and sexuality, mass and popular culture, postfeminism

  • Matthew B. Karush

    Matthew B. Karush


    Modern Latin American history: twentieth-century Argentina, cultural history

  • David Kaufmann

    David Kaufmann


    contemporary poetry; Critical Theory; Visual art and Art History;

  • Randa A Kayyali
  • Kayla Keener

    Kayla Keener

    Affect, irony, phenomenology, neoliberalism, niche markets and consumer culture, popular culture, alternative genders and sexualities

  • James Scott Killen

    James Scott Killen

    Education policy, critical pedagogy, political economy, and global affairs

  • Dae Young Kim

    Dae Young Kim

    Associate Professor

    Immigration, ethnicity, race, Asian American studies, and globalization

  • Sangmin Kim
  • Kimberly C Klinger

    Kimberly C Klinger

    Graduate Lecturer

    Biopolitics, political economy, mass culture, body/subjectivity, gender/sexuality

  • Kyle Koeppe

    Kyle Koeppe

    A constellation of Marxist political economy, Frankfurt School aesthetics and critical environmental history as they pertain to the American Appalachian region and its history of coal mining and local music that runs the gamut from folk and bluegrass to black metal

  • Michele Krugh

    Michele Krugh

    Craft, "New Artisan Economy," Ethical Consumption, Authenticity


  • Allison M Lakomski

    Allison M Lakomski

    Political economy, American studies, consumption, food studies, nutrition and diet, subcultures, affect theory, semiotics (and psychoanalysis)

  • Roger N Lancaster

    Roger N Lancaster


    Gender/Sexuality, Culture and Political Economy, Crime and Punishment, American Studies, Latin America

  • Alison Landsberg

    Alison Landsberg


    Visual culture, the politics of memory, affective engagements with the past, political subjectivity

  • Jessica Lang
  • Debra Lattanzi Shutika

    Debra Lattanzi Shutika

    Associate Professor

    Sense of Place, Appalachian Studies, Transnational Migration

  • Ray Ashton LeBlanc

    Ray Ashton LeBlanc

    Feminist and queer anthropology, ethnography, bodies and embodiment, gender and sexuality, drag performance

  • Michael Lecker
  • Jennifer Leeman

    Jennifer Leeman

    Associate Professor

    Spanish in the US; language and identity, heritage language education; census; language policy; second language education

  • Lewis Levenberg

    Lewis Levenberg

    The internet, history of technology, history of philosophy, philosophy of history, critical theory, power relations, biopower, Africana philosophy, African art, art history, art theory.

  • Cindy Lont

    Cindy Lont


    Video-based production

  • Noel  Lopez


  • Lindsey Macdonald

    Lindsey Macdonald

    Term Instructor

    Political economy, neoliberal governance and regimes of accumulation, militarization and militarized spaces, and the representation of terrorism in media and popular culture

  • Allison Macfarlane
  • Pawin "Win" Malaiwong
  • Michael Malouf

    Michael Malouf

    Associate Professor

    Modernism;Anglophone novel and poetry, spec. Irish, Caribbean, British literature; postcolonialism and cultural studies

  • Matthew Malzkuhn
  • Peter Mandaville

    Peter Mandaville

    Professor of International Affairs

    Islam, globalization, development, international relations

  • Zachary Marschall

    Zachary Marschall

    cultural modernism, literary criticism, cultural policy, interwar Britain

  • Marintha Miles

    Marintha Miles

    Migration; diaspora; political economy; digital activism; language politics; gender; international development; religion; ethnography; Central Asia; Tajikistan

  • Char R Miller

    Char R Miller

    Associate Professor

    Political theory, public law, political culture

  • Adam S Mitchell

    Adam S Mitchell

    The political economy of black and grey markets, the medicalization of marijuana, U.S. labor history, Governmentality, and the War on Drugs

  • Pia Moller
  • Gavin C Mueller

    Gavin C Mueller

    Graduate Lecturer


  • Tainui Colin Neilson

    Tainui Colin Neilson

    Graduate Lecturer

    Sociology of media; critical theory; contemporary and classic sociological theory; political economics; digital media; globalization; social science methodologies

  • Kristen Johnsen Neshati

    Kristen Johnsen Neshati

    Associate Professor

  • Khoi Nguyen

    Khoi Nguyen

    war and sexuality; globalization; militarization; queer refugees



  • Mika'il A. Petin, Ph.D.

    Mika'il A. Petin, Ph.D.

    Black cultural production, African Diasporicity, race, visual culture, North American cinema and television, media representations of masculinities, and Muslims in U.S. popular culture.

  • Gabriella Petrick

    Gabriella Petrick

    Assistant Professor

  • Adam Proctor

    Adam Proctor

    Political economy; state theory; class formation and surplus populations; labor history and social movements; critical theory of finance; globalization narratives and imperialism


  • Lisa M. Rabin

    Lisa M. Rabin

    Associate Professor

    Film history, film reception, "useful" film, Latin American film and other forms of mass media, Latin American literature, service-learning.

  • David Rheams

    David Rheams

    Political Economy, Digital Media Theory, Science and Technology Studies, Environmental Studies

  • Christina Riley

    Christina Riley

    New media theory, social movement studies, affect theory, biopolitics, gender and sexuality studies, concentrating on Feminism(s), Queer Theory

  • Mohsen Roomipoor

    Mohsen Roomipoor

    Cultural studies, Islamic studies, sociology of culture, Middle East, subjectivity, identity, alienation, cultural changes

  • Christine Rosenfeld

    Christine Rosenfeld

    Occupation, settler colonialism, colonialism, biopolitics, indigeneity, aboriginality, cultural loss and preservation, Hawai`i, cultural and environmental resources, landscape, resource extraction

  • Amelia Rutledge

    Amelia Rutledge

    Associate Professor

    medieval literature, science fiction, fantasy, literature and the arts, children's literature


  • Zana Sahyouni

    Zana Sahyouni

    religion and culture; the Middle East; nationalist narratives; colonialism

  • Tony Roshan Samara

    Tony Roshan Samara


    race, ethnicity and nationalism, globalization, urban studies and international development and security.

  • Laina Hanninen Saul

    Laina Hanninen Saul

    Feminist theory and gender studies, post-colonial feminist theory, phenomenology and existentialism, the study of citizenship, subjectivity, and politics, globalization, human rights and the nature of cosmopolitanism

  • Jessica Scarlata

    Jessica Scarlata

    Associate Professor

    global and transnational cinema; incarceration and security; diaspora and migration; violence and human rights; colonialism; Indian, Irish, and Latin American film; race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality

  • Kelly Schrum

    Kelly Schrum

    Associate Professor

    scholarship of teaching and learning, online learning, digital humanities, history education

  • Linda J Seligmann

    Linda J Seligmann


    informal economies and markets,political economy,agrarian issues,gender,Latin America,Andean region,Peru;transnational and transracial adoption,U.S.

  • Natasha Sharma

    Natasha Sharma

    Transnational spaces, literature, South Asian American culture, kinship work, and The Midwest.

  • JP Singh

    JP Singh

    Professor, Global Affairs and Cultural Studies

    International trade and development, cultural economics, global governance, socio-economic impact of information technologies, and global diplomacy and deliberations

  • Paul Smith

    Paul Smith


    Political economy and culture, globalization, media and technology, critical race and gender theory

  • Suzanne E. Smith

    Suzanne E. Smith


    African American, 20th century Cultural History, History of Death in America, American Popular Music, African American Religious History

  • Shannyn Snyder
  • Richard T Stafford



  • Caroline S. West

    Caroline S. West

    Adjunct Faculty

    Cultural Studies, Critical Theory, Political Philosophy, Visual Culture, Visual Studies, Visual Arts, Visual Communication, Political Economy, Gender Studies, and Women's Studies

  • KV White

    KV White

    Social institutions, rhetoric/literature and politics, social control

  • Craig Willse

    Craig Willse

    Associate Professor

    biopolitics, neoliberalism, critical race and ethnic studies, urban studies, political sociology, queer and feminist theory.


  • Alok Yadav

    Alok Yadav

    Associate Professor

    Restoration and 18th-Century British literature; nationalism, imperialism, and literary culture; postcolonial and world literature, esp. South Asian

  • Tauheeda Yasin

    Tauheeda Yasin

    governmentality, public policy, poverty, critical prison studies, critical race theory, religious networks and globalization


  • Rosemarie Zagarri

    Rosemarie Zagarri

    University Professor

    Early American history (colonial-1820s); Early American women; 18th-century transatlantic history and global history

  • David Isaac Zeglen

    David Isaac Zeglen

    Marxist political economy, biopower, digital media & visual culture, globalization, North Korea, Soviet Union/Russia, fascism, international development, celebrity politics

  • Amy Zhang

    Amy Zhang

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Art and political economy; cultural institutions; cultural policy; sociology of art and culture; museum studies; art historiography; globalization and art; theories of cultural transmission; critical theory; postcolonial theory; politics of representation; cultural institutions in the Middle East and East Asia; contemporary issues of labor; the gig economy; thrift culture; precariousness; contemporary issues of feminism; post-feminism