Christine Rosenfeld

Christine Rosenfeld

Christine Rosenfeld

Associate Professor

Occupation, settler colonialism, colonialism, biopolitics, indigeneity, aboriginality, cultural loss and preservation, Hawai`i, cultural and environmental resources, landscape, resource extraction

Christine Rosenfeld is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies who has a MS degree in Geography from Penn State.  She completed her undergraduate degrees in Geography and Spanish.  She speaks English, Spanish, a little French, and a tiny bit of Hawaiian.  

For her master's research, she investigated US representations of Cuba over the last century with a focus on the tourism industry. She completed textual analysis and archival research.  

For her doctoral research, she is interested in examining the development and effects of a landscape of conflict that exists in the Saddle region of Hawai`i Island.  She positions the conflict within a present and past state of occupation. 

She completed an internship at the Smithsonian Institution Archives, where she completed social analytics to evaluate the community behavior of volunteers of the online Transcription Center.  She served as a co-guest editor of a special issue of the journal Collections dedicated to the Transcription Center that was published in Spring of 2016. 

Selected Publications

Rosenfeld, Christine. (2016). More Than Merely Transcription: An Analysis of Metatasks and Twitter Chat. Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals, 12(2), 199 – 206.

Ferriter, Meghan, Christine Rosenfeld, Dana Boomer, Carla Burgess, Siobhan Leachman, Victoria Leachman, Heidi Moses, Felicia Pickering, Megan Shuler. (2016). We Learn Together. Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals, 12(2), 207 – 226.  

Ferriter, Meghan and Christine Rosenfeld.  (2016). Introduction and Afterward to Focus Issue: Exploring the Smithsonian Institution Transcription Center. Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals, 12(2), 81 – 86.  Contributor and co-editor of special issue.

Grants and Fellowships

Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning “Thank-a-teacher” Program Recipient (2017, GMU)

Provost Summer Research Fellowship (2017, GMU)

Interdisciplinary Curriculum Collaborative Research Grant (2017, GMU)

Presidential Scholar Summer Fellowship (2015, 2016, GMU)

Presidential Scholar Fellowship (2013-2016, GMU)

Funds for Excellence in Graduate Recruiting Fellowship (2010-2011, PSU)

Courses Taught

Communication 101: Interpersonal & Group Interaction (Graduate Lecturer, GMU) 

Geography 101: Regional Geography (Adjunct Professor, VIU)

Cultural Studies 320: Globalization & Culture (Instructor, GMU)

Geography 122: The American Scene (Teaching Assistant, PSU)

Recent Presentations

American Studies Association Annual Meeting, November 2017 (The Saddle Region of Hawai`i Island: Deepening the Conflict & Protecting Resources (paper proposal accepted)) 

Cultural Studies Association Conference, May 2017 (Hawai`i Island’s Saddle: Shaping the Landscape)

Virginia Humanities Conference, April 2017 (The Morphology of Occupation in Hawai`i’s Saddle)