Zach Gehring

Zach Gehring

Zach Gehring

Graduate Research Assistant

Critical Theory, Neoliberalism, Digital Cultures, Genre Studies, New Media, Popular Culture

Zach is a Ph.D. student in the Culture Studies Program. He is originally from central Florida and moved to the Hampton Roads region of Virginia in 2006. After leaving the University of Central Florida in 2001 to pursue music full time, he returned to Old Dominion University to earn his BS degree in Philosophy, and his MA in Digital Humanities in 2013 and 2016 respectively. 

During his years away from university, he played music professionally and toured the United States and the world extensively, gaining experience in the independent, major label, and DIY music world. 

His academic interests focus on the intersections of neoliberalism, new media, and artistic identity. Specifically, he is interested in how, if at all, industrial pressures, genre rules, and neoliberalism impact artistic ethos in terms of production, identity, creation, and social obligations. 

Selected Publications

Gehring, D., & Wittkower, D. (2015). On The Sale of Community in Crowdfunding: Questions of Power, Inclusion, and Value. In L. Bennett, B. Chin, B. Jones, L. Bennett, B. Chin, & B. Jones (Eds.), Crowdfunding The Future: Media Industries, Ethics, and Digital Society. New York: Peter Lang.

Gehring, D. (2016) The depoliticized politics of crowdfunding: A critical examination of the Darren Wilson crowdfunding campaign. First Monday, Vol 21. Retrieved from

Gehring, D. (2019) Industry, Values, and the Community Ethos of Crowdfunding within Neoliberal Capitalism. The Economic and Cultural Negotiations of Crowdfunding Campaigns. In L. Ballarini, S. Costantini , M. Kaiser , J. Matthews & V. Rouzé (Eds.) Communication issues, proceedings series 38/2018: Crowdfunding. The new territories of capitalism. Presses universitaires de Nancy - Editions Universitaires of Lorraine


Old Dominion University, Digital Humanities MA

Old Dominion University, Philosophy BS