David Kaufmann

David Kaufmann

David Kaufmann


contemporary poetry; Critical Theory; Visual art and Art History;

David Kaufmann attended Princeton and Yale Universities and has been a member of the English Department at George Mason University since 1989.  He is the author of The Business of Common Life (Johns Hopkins, UP, 1995), Telling Stories: Philip Guston's Later Works (U of California P, 2010) and Reading Uncreative Writing (Palgrave, 2017). He has also written a bunch of articles on the Frankfurt School, on contemporary poetry and art, and on literary theory. He is currently working on a book on Stevens and Adorno that is tentatively titled Cries of Their Occasions: An Essay on Post-Auratic Poetry. 

A frequent reviewer, he teaches a number of different courses on a number of different topics, but spends most of his time worrying about poetry, Adorno, Wittgenstein and, well, poetry. 

Selected Publications

Here are some that are stilling floating around in the ether:

Bullshit and Interest: Casing Vanessa Place

On Monuments and Malls

Reading Uncreative Writing: Conceptualism, Expression and the Lyric


Ph.D, Yale, 1989

A.B., Princeton, 1980

Dissertations Supervised

Ellen Gorman, Art is Money-Sexy!: The Corporatization of Contemporary Art (2012)