Luma Mousa

Luma Mousa

Luma Mousa

Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Treasurer

- Visual Culture - Memory Studies - Social Media

Luma Mousa is a doctoral candidate in Cultural Studies at George Mason University. She has a BA in English Language & Literature and an MA in English Literature & Criticism. Currently, her fields of interest revolve around visual culture and social media, memory studies, in addition to Middle Eastern studies with a focus on Palestinian resistance studies. 

Courses Taught

HNRS 110 - Research and Inquiry

HNRS 130 - Memory, Art, and Identity 

INTS 202 - Public Speak/Crit Think Skills

INTS 101 - Narratives of Identity


Master's Degree of Arts in English Language/Literature & Criticism, Yarmouk University (Jordan), 2018

Bachelor's Degree of Arts in English Language & Literature, Yarmouk University (Jordan), 2016