Muna Al Taweel

Muna Al Taweel

Muna Al Taweel

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Theories of Nationalism, Politics of Space, Identity Politics, Levant, S.W.A.N.A, Trauma Studies

Muna Altaweel is a doctoral student in Cultural Studies. She graduated from Yarmouk University in Jordan with a BA in English and an MA in Literature and Criticism with a concentration on Literary Trauma Theory. Her main focus of study was the literary representation of trauma in 20th century Syrian Literature. 

Her current work examines politics of identity, politics of space, and modes of activism in the Levant after the Arab Spring. Her works examines how modes of activism and resistance have evolved in the Levant region after the events of the Arab Spring in relation to ideas of nationalism, identity, and space.

Selected Publications

"Cutting through Syria’s Silence: Trauma in Khalid Khalifa’s No Knives in the Kitchens of this City and Asaad Almohammad’s An Ishmael of Syria" - The International Journal of Literary Humanities - April, 2021


Courses Taught

GLOA 101 - Introduction to Global Affairs 


M.A in Literary Criticism - Yarmouk University 

B.A in English - Yarmouk University