Muge Yuce

Muge Yuce

Muge Yuce

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Politics of Humor, Memory, Affect, Performance, Gender&Sexuality

Muge Yuce is a doctoral student in Cultural Studies. She completed her Master’s degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Georgia State University. Her master thesis seeks to incorporate affect theories and feminist pedagogies into feminist humor studies.

Her current research concentrates on the contemporary landscape of humor in Turkey. Muge aims to explore how authoritarian arrangements of displacement have given way to acts and practices of counter-memory in and through counter-comedy spaces and to question how the emerging styles of political humor are shaped and informed by collective memory and trauma.

Selected Publications

Web Publications:

“Reimagining Feminist Stand-up Post-Nanette.” In Media Res, a media commons project.

“Türkiye stand up’ının ötekileri: Politik mizah ve kadınlar”
(English Translation: “Others of Stand-up in Turkey: Political Humor and Women”)
Çatlak Zemin.

“Bazı feminist patırtılar: İptal kültürü, politik doğrucular ve duyar kasanlar” (English Translation: “Feminist Complaint: Cancel Culture, PC Culture and the Woke”)
Çatlak Zemin. kasanlar/

Courses Taught

GLOA 101: Introduction to Global Affairs (Fall 2022)


M.A. in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Georgia State University (2020)

Recent Presentations

Nanette: An Aporetic Manifestation of Feminist Humor,” Society for Cinema & Media Studies, Online Conference in March 2021

“Metacomedy and Its Gendered Implications in the Trump and #metoo Era,” Cultural Studies Association Conference, Online Conference in May 2021